BIO-GEN history


The beginnings of Bio-Gen

It all starts in 1990 in Opole. The current Mayor of the city of Namysłów is involved in the process of creating the company logo. His sketch depicts a double DNA helix, described to this day in the Bio-Gen logo.


First, probiotics

Probiotics for farm animals are the first products in the Bio-Gen offer. Probiotics obtain registration Ministry of Agriculture and marketing authorization. Probiotic products with improved composition are on offer until today and are offered in Poland as well as abroad, including in EU countries and the Middle East and North Africa.


A method for frost

Several years of research result in the development by Bio-Gen of an innovative preparation Krio-Flor, increasing the periodic resistance of plants to spring frosts.


Ecology in purification

Bio-Gen is developing a technology for the production of preparations from the BIOSAN series, ecological preparations for improving conditions environmental in livestock buildings and their surroundings. He receives a grant from the Scientific Research Committee for the implementation of the project. Currently, the offer includes three variants of BIOSAN utilizers: KZ 200, P and GS.


Biofarm and hirudotherapy courses

Intensive research in Bio-Gen results in the development of technology and the launch in 2003 of the first controlled Poland breeding medical leeches - Biofarma. Two years later, Bio-Gen organizes the first hirudotherapy courses. We educated in 2005-2019 thousands of hirudotherapists who treat patients with leeches at home and abroad.


New preparations in the Bio-Gen offer

Bio-Gen introduces new technologies and expands production activities. The Bio-Gen offer remains from that moment extended with Remediant preparation for recultivation of water reservoirs and soil revitalizer - Rewital.


Bio-Gen and PROCAM partners

In 2010, Bio-Gen begins cooperation with PROCAM Polska - one of the largest agronomic advisors in the country to which he entrusts the distribution of its products. Cooperation continues to this day, and PROCAM Polska remains one from key trading partners.



Bio-Gen is awarded the Reliable Company, Quality of the Year and Eco Quality of the Year Certificate. Through all years of operation Bio-Gen we have been able to collect a considerable amount of prizes that we are not able to count.


Royal Łazienki Museum

The management of the Royal Łazienki Museum in Warsaw entrusts Bio-Gen with the care of the pond complex. Since then, Bio-Gen has been carrying out recurring reclamation operations on water reservoirs for this purpose, the technology it developed. The four-year cooperation program resulted in a significant improvement in quality water in water reservoirs.


New preparations in the Bio-Gen offer

Bio-Gen is developing a formulation of new preparations for which it launches new production lines. The Bio-Gen offer includes the Nematado Biocontrol preparation supporting the fight against soil nematodes and the RHIZOBIUM series comprising 9 microbial vaccines for bean plants.


Warsaw ZOO

A team of the world's smallest experts goes to the Zoological Garden in Warsaw. I am talking about useful micro-organisms from Bio-Gen, which begin intensive work in water reservoirs at catwalk of gorillas, chimpanzees and lemurs katta. They purify water there and biodegradation of pollutants.


Leeches from Namysłów on Mars

Bio-Gen is a partner of the analog Martian mission ICAres-1. In biology research medical leeches (Hirudo medicinalis) are used, which for the purposes of the experiment supplied by Bio-Gen.


Conquest of the Arabian Peninsula

Bio-Gen appoints the company Q&P International Sp. z o.o., which is responsible is for organizing sales on the Qatari market and exchange of knowledge and technology between both partner countries. Over the next years, cooperation is developing strongly, and Qatar and Saudi Arabia are becoming important markets for Bio-Gen.


Giba and the Brazilian market

Bio-Gen establishes cooperation with the world-famous volleyball star, Gilberto Amauri de Godoy Filho, known as GIBA, who becomes the ambassador of the Bio-Gen brand in Brazil and promotes the company in the country during meetings with farmers and more.



The 5th consecutive WOŚP Gold Heart goes to the Bio-Gen collection. This time, heart # 2. The historic, fierce auction of the first 3 hearts goes to the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity foundation for PLN 1,183,331. In 2019 Bio-Gen receives heart number 1 from Jurek Owsiak, thereby supporting the foundation's account over PLN 2,500,000 in the years 2010-2019.


Bio-Gen currently

Bio-Gen products are sold in over 30 countries located on four continents. The company's offer includes 43 products for agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry and remediation water reservoirs. The head office is located in Łódź, at ul. Pojezierska 97K.



ul. Pojezierska 97K
91-341 Łódź

tel. kom.: +48 774 100 420


BIO-GEN Namysłów

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26-300 Namysłów

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