Breeding of medicinal leaches

We sell medical leeches from our own breeding.

We run hirudotherapy courses.

We work for the development of hirudotherapy.

Biofarma BIO-GEN has been running the only fully legal breeding of medical leeches since 2003. We have been organizing leech treatment courses since 2005.

Bio-farm of medical leaches marks a separate direction of the Bio-Gen company.Since 2003 the medical Hirudomedicinalis leach has become a subject of intensive research and studies within our company, those has led to the first ever development of laboratory control leaches breeding facility in Poland. All leaches can be safely used for medical purposes.

For hirudo-therapy the appropriate leaches are bred in control isolated from surroundings leaches which are fed in a controlled manner. These are entirely safe to patients. Meeting the last interest and demand in hirudo-therapy, Bio-Gen company organises courses allowing to stay and familiarise yourself with the leach treatment techniques.

Our company remains in close contact with the best hirudo-therapy professionals following the latest scientific trends from around the world related to the topic of leeches. All interested in purchasing and training programmers are invited you to familiarize yourself with the materials available at:

Bio-Gen is also the initiator of the first convention of hirudo-therapists during which the Polish Society of Hirudo-therapy was founded.

Leech sale

Orders can be placed by phone from Monday to Friday between 8.00-16.00 or by email.

tel: +48 77 445 59 04

Hirudotherapy courses

Please contact us for information and sign up for the course.

tel: +48 774 100 420


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