Probiotics for animals


Contains probiotic formulation for poultry, added to feed.

Packaging size

1 kg5 kg25 kg

General description

Contains probiotic formulation for poultry, added to feed.

Composition and action

The BIOGEN D (p) preparation contains: strains of lyophilized probiotic microorganisms, vitamins, micro- and macroelements and additives: [4.1.3], [11.1 .3], [11.4.1].

The concentration of probiotic bacteria per gram of preparation is at least 5.44 x 1010.


  • broilers throughout the whole fattening period and laying hens throughout the laying time: 0.5 kg per tonne of feed,
  • hens until the onset of laying: 0.3 kg per tonne of feed,
  • farm produce – broilers and poultry: 2.5 to 3.5 grams per 100 birds.

Effects of use

  • reduction in the number of pathogenic bacteria present in the gastrointestinal system,
  • improves the overall resilience of birds,
  • accelerates weight gain,
  • increases the use of feed,
  • improves bird appetite,
  • contributes to increasing the eggshell thickness and improving their quality.

Additional information

The formulation may be subjected to a granulation process, including the use of a thermal medium (steam).




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