Impurity utilizers


Product is intended for improvement of environmental and sanitary conditions in livestock farming facilities and the microbiological treatment of waste water.

Packaging size

250g1 kg5 kg25 kg

General description

BIOSAN KZ 2000 is designed to improve environmental and sanitary conditions in livestock bedding and microbiological treatment of sewage and impurities in sewage treatment plants, lagoons, sheds, liquid manure and slurry tanks, in other facilities and facilities with similar nuisances and loads of pollutants. In addition the product is designed to improve physico-chemical and sanitary-hygienic parameters of contaminated reservoirs and water bodies such as lakes, ponds, rivers; furthermore to eliminate unpleasant odours and microbial contamination in the vicinity of such objects.

Composition and action

The product includes a starter supplement and a suitably arranged composition of non-pathogenic microorganisms with strictly targeted action which cause disintegration and degradation of harmful substances such as: Ammonia, nitrites, hydrogen sulphide, indole, skatole, mercaptans, phosphorus compounds and other mono- and polycyclic organic compounds. The microbial composite has the ability to bind heavy metals, drive the desired fermentation processes, change the pH of the effluent and liquid manure, and very strongly inhibit microbial contamination through the effect of occupied space.


The product is used in the amount of 20 grams per 1 m3 of waste water or the expected impurities every 14 days.

For cleaning of lakes, ponds, rivers and water intakes, the average dose of the preparation is 5 grams per m3 (detailed dosage is determined individually for each such facility). The preparation can be used in the presence of animals, including aquatics.

Pour the calculated and weighed amount of the preparation into a tank or septic tank or pour through a closed sewer system.




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