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Preparation for the hygiene of the cross-cultivating plant.

Packaging size

100 g1 kg

General description

Feeding cabbage fly larvae often results in the development of undesired microflora in the environment of cross-flowering plants. The plant extracts contained in the preparation regulate the development of the appropriate microflora on the roots of the stems and leaves of the plant, making the plant much less attractive for the insect prey. The consequence of the use of the preparation is a significant reduction of insect infested plants, disease reduction, yield increase and yield improvement.


Rapeseed: 100g/ha – application in fine spray (recommended volume of liquid 200-400l / ha) or coarse spray (recommended volume of liquid 200-400l). Spray immediately before sowing, then mix the soil preparation during sowing. If possible, it is advisable to use the product prior to rain. In the absence of precipitation, always try to apply pre-sowing. It can be used post-emergence from cotyledons to 4 leaves, with better results at early application. The preparation can be mixed with RSM and other agrochemicals except fungicides.

Cross: 200g /ha – soaking diagonal cuttings: 200g dissolve in 10l of water and spray the number of seedlings for 1ha (45-75 thousand)




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