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Restoration of bacterial microflora in fruit orchards and berry gardens.

Packaging size

100 g1 kg

General description

Bacteria and fungi found on fruit trees and shrubs are significantly different from the microflora in vegetable crops. Properly maintained composition of microorganisms on plants is the key to maintaining the health of plants and fruit, it also leads to reduction of plant protection products and their residues in plants. GUARD H is an effective bio-preparation for hygiene of orchards, which restores the natural microflora in plants. Bacteria form a protective barrier on fruits, stems and leaves, helping to promote healthy growth and improving its crops. In addition the harvested fruits have higher storage values.


Dose and application: 1 kg / ha, preparation of working fluid 500-1200 liters.
Orchards and berry gardens: spray the diluted product 1 kg / ha in 500-1200 liters of water during autumn (after harvest). Spring treatments start with the growth of 50% of the leaves on the plants. Repeat the treatment at 14-21 day intervals in the late afternoon or evening.

Effects of use

  • increase in quality and crops,
  • non-commercial harvest reduction,
  • increased sugar content (BRIX),
  • better plant nutrition,
  • increase in shoots growth,
  • „rejuvenation” of the plantation,
  • reduction of residues in fruits,
  • increase in storage value of fruit,
  • plant regeneration,
  • stimulation of plant growth.




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