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Bacterial probiotic for field plants.

Packaging size

100 g1 kg

General description

Wheat and oilseed crops grains, sown on crop fields, often enter the environment in which microbial balance is affected by agrochemicals. The seed germinating medium is in this case colonized by an undesired microflora. GUARD T prevents the development of unwanted microflora by populating the environment with suitable strains of bacteria. Their main function is to increase plant health as well as stimulate and regulate their growth. This product is used for hygiene of the plant environment and contains strains isolated from the natural environment.


Spray: in a dose of 1.0 kg per hectare using 200 to 300 liters of working fluid per hectare. The product can be mixed in a separate container and added to the sprayer or directly to the sprayer. Do not mix the preparation with fungicides. When using fungicides, the preparation can be used after a one week grace period since last chemical treatment. GUARD T can be mixed with foliar, insecticides and herbicides fertilizers.

Effects of use

  • increase in quality and crop numbers,
  • reducing the occurrence of plant diseases,
  • stimulation of plant growth,
  • better plant nutrition,
  • limiting the use of plant protection products,
  • reduction of the occurrence of mycotoxins within the grains,
  • support for plant regeneration,
  • better plant vigour.




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