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Vegetable farming hygiene

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General description

Some vegetables struggle with stress resulting from replanting. Moving plants, such as cabbage, from another environment, causes seedlings to not tolerate various pathogens as they lack the appropriate symbiotic microflora on their surface. Other plants, such as carrots, parsley or cucumber, suffer from a deficiency of the appropriate microflora, due to the characteristics of the crop, which are not conducive to development of proper bacteria. GUARD V contains useful microorganisms which effectively restore plant microflora, creating a barrier which effectively limits pathogen-infected plants.

Product designed for prophylactic use during the hygiene treatments.


Vegetable growing: Spraying can be done at any time of vegetation. It is recommended to spray the vegetables several times during vegetation at a dosage of 1kg / ha in 500l water. The first spray can be done 1 week after rising, next every 2-3 weeks.

Vegetable seedlings: The recommended dosage is 1kg / ha in 500l water. Do not mix the preparation with fungicides products. If there a need for fungicide treatment occurs, the product can only be applied after a week waiting period since the last treatment. The solution can be mixed with foliar fertilizers.

Effects of use

  • increase in quality and yield,
  • reduction in the occurrence of plant diseases,
  • reduction of stress after replanting,
  • stimulation of plant growth,
  • better plant nutrition,
  • limiting the use of plant protection products,
  • limiting residues of chemicals in vegetables,
  • stimulation of root growth,
  • increased carotinoids content,
  • support for plant regeneration,
  • better plant vigour.




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