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Preparation improving periodic plant resistance to frost.

Packaging size

1 L5 L


In order to protect plants from damage, they should be thoroughly sprayed 12 hours before the expected frost, with the appropriate amount of preparation, diluted in 500 litters of water per hectare.

If, for justified reasons, the consumption of liquids must be greater than 500 litters per hectare, the amount of KRIO-FLOR should be increased proportionately.

Prior to pouring the preparation into the filled sprayer, shake it several times before opening, this will eliminates the possibility of the liquid splitting.

During pouring of the product into the sprayer it must have the mixer running.

Do not mix KRIO-FLOR with other preparations.

Table 1: Required quantity of KRIO-FLOR product in 500 litters of water per hectare dependant on the strength of frost:

Protection effectiveness (%) Temperature (oC) Amount of KRIO-FLOR (L)
27 do 43% -9oC 2.1 L
31 do 51% -8oC 1.8 L
40 do 60% -7oC 1.6 L
48 do 65% -6oC 1.4 L
51 do 68% -5oC 1.3 L
64 do 76% -4oC 1.2 L
70 do 78% -3oC 1.0 L
80 do 84% -2 C 0.9 L
83 do 87% -1oC 0.8 L

The dosage depends on the expected frost and is between 0.8 and 2.1 liters per hectare of protected crop. The condition for effective application of KRIO-FLOR is its performance from 4 to 24 hours
before the anticipated frost at physiological temperature, ie in which the full life functions of the plants are still preserved.

Effects of use

The protective effectiveness of the product is determined by the timing of the application and the choice of dosage depending on the size of the expected frost. Incorrect expectation of the temperature which will lead to the wrong dosage of the product, greatly limits the protective effect of the solution and in extreme cases, completely excludes it.

Table 1: Effects of KRIO-FLOR dosage on frost resistance of selected plants

Randomly selected types of plants Temperature -6oC Temperature-7oC
Applied dosage Applied dosage
1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7
Apple flowers 6% 25% 64% 64% 3% 17% 56% 55%
Apple tree buds 1% 20% 48% 48% 0% 2% 40% 40%
Cherry flowers 7% 30% 65% 63% 3% 19% 60% 59%
Black currant flowers 3% 21% 63% 63% 0% 13% 54% 53%

Cryoprotectants can be divided into three groups: penetrative cryoprotectants – capable of penetrating through the cell membrane, those which have no above ability and those which have penetrating capabilities only under certain conditions.

Free-chilled cells with some non-penetrating protections undergo strong (but controlled) dehydration, resulting in the flow of water from the cell to the environment (outside the plant). The loss of water in the cell is a critical moment in freezing. It reduces the probability of ice crystals forming inside the cell, which grows to destroy its structure. After contact with outside water cryoprotectant, which is not penetrating gradually exits the heat to provide a further protective effect for the plant.




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