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Microbiological preparation designed for reduction of infected with nematodes plants.

Packaging size

100 g1 kg

General description

Nematado Biocontrol is a microbial soil preparation, which contains selected strains of bacteria. This product supports the development of the microorganism of the rizosphere, which produces soil nematodes repelling metabolites, improvement of the development of the root system, improvement of plant yield and quality of yield.

Nematado Biocontrol limits the use of pesticides and fungicides.

This product is not dangerous to humans or plants as it does not contain any organisms or substances of genetically modified organisms.

The concentration of bacteria in the product is >109.


Dosage: 1 kg/ha.

Field crops: 1 kg/ha. The recommended amount of water is 200-500 liters of water per 1 hectare. Spray the field or plantation at a time of agrotechnical treatment which will allow good and equal mixing of the product with the soil. The treatment can be repeated 2-3 times during the growing season.

Vegetables: It is recommended to use the product before planting seedlings or sowing seeds with a dose of 1 kg per 1 ha. The product can also be applied to seeds or seedlings – 1 kg / amount of seeds per 1 ha of cultivated area, diluted with water and applied to seed in the form of fine-leaf spray. Material should be used up within 1-3 days of the mortar.

Use the product in a form of a spray to distribute it evenly over the surface of the soil. After application, mix with soil.

Nematado Biocontrol can be used in combination with mineral and organic fertilizers.




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