Recultivation of water bodies


Bio-preparation Remediant is designed for recultivation of lakes and bottom sediments. It restores the natural biological equilibrium of the water tank.

Packaging size

500 g1 kg5 kg25 kg

General description

The product is composed of psychrophilic and psychrotrophic bacteria, completely non-pathogenic to humans and animals. Due to carefully selected composition of microorganisms, the content of nutrients dissolved in water is limited, limiting the growth of algae and cyanobacteria therefore reducing organic bottom sediments.

The preparation can also be used to clean water ponds.

Eutrophication of water bodies is caused by an excessive amount of biogenic compounds dissolved in water. The nutrient compounds responsible for „blooming water” are primarily nitrogen and phosphorus. The effect of eutrophication is excessive growth of algae and cyanobacteria, reduced water clarity, formation of unpleasant smells and the reduction of oxygen in the water, disease and fish deaths and gathering of bottom sediment.

Remediant contains bacteria with different types of activity which effectively reduces the amount of biogenic compounds in water, reduces the effects of eutrophication, increases water clarity and reduces bottom sediments.

Effects of use

  • reduction of filamentous algae and in water,
  • increased water clarity,
  • reduction in mud’s pH, resulting in better conditions for reducing bottom sediment,
  • increasing the pH of water accelerates the binding of phosphate ions in insoluble phosphorus compounds,
  • improves health and causes an increase in fish populations,
  • increases the zooplankton population which is a indicator of contamination within tank.

Additional information

The product works in following steps:

  1. Adaptation of microorganisms into the environment.
  2. Limiting growth of algae and algae reduction in water.
  3. Denitrification of nitrogen dissolved in water and conversion of soluble phosphorus to insoluble.
  4. Activity of celluloid lignolytic bacteria in bottom sediments.
  5. Activity of proteolytic, lipolytic bacteria.
  6. Activity of nitrifying ammonification bacteria.
  7. Activity of denitrifying bacteria.

Additional effect of the product is the increase of fish population and increased health.

Effective phosphate-water management leads to Pseudomonas bacteria which form a balance in the water reservoir between soluble and insoluble phosphorus, thus limiting the level of phosphates dissolved in water contributing to eutrophication of the reservoir. Denitrification, i.e. the reduction of nitrogen dissolved in water is responsible for several types of bacteria by performing both aerobic and anaerobic processes.




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