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Microbiological soil revitaliser.

Packaging size

100 g1 kg

General description

A preparation intended for the regeneration of the soil environment for arable crops.

BIOGEN REWITAL Plus is a preparation based on soil bacteria that occur in the natural environment.

The product is registered for use in organic farming.


Starting dose of 1 kg / ha recommended for:

  • first application in a given field;
  • in the case of planting, vegetable sowing in primary, secondary or inter-crop;
  • establishment of orchards,  berry gardens and perennial crops;
  • revitalization of heavily degraded soils quickly distributes crop residues, posthumans, etc.

Remarkable dose of 0.4 kg / ha:

  • for systematic use, at a pre-application rate of 1 kg / ha.

Spray: 0.4-1 kg / ha, recommended water quantity: 200 to 500 liters per hectare. Work fluids should be prepared in accordance with the principles of Good Plant Protection Practice. Pour the appropriate amount of the preparation into the sprayer tank when the mixer is on as the last of the „tank mix” components. After thoroughly mixing the working fluid, spray the surface of the field. Then make ready-to-use sowing or planting pads, which will allow the product to be introduced into the soil efficiently. The treatment can be repeated 2-3 times during the growing season.

Watering: plants watered with 0.1-0.2% solution (1-2 grams of preparation per liter of water) every 10-14 days.

Soaking: seedlings, bulbs, tubers or rhizomes for 4 to 8 hours with a 0.2% solution (2 grams of the preparation per liter of water)

Effects of use

  • restores the microbial balance even in heavily degraded soils,
  • promotes the development of microflora that accompanies root growth,
  • complements degraded soil microflora, contributing to its revitalization after degradating effects of erosion, chemicals, fire, etc,
  • improves soil structure,
  • increases the uptake of micro- and macroelements by plants,
  • improves the use by plants of nutrients contained in soil in forms not yet available to them,
  • accelerates the mineralization of crop residues, manure, postharvest and other organic matter,
  • reduces the pressure of soil disease, regulating the composition of soil microflora and displacing from the soil environment pathogenic factors,
  • contributes to improving the biological value of crops, improving the conditions for crop growth,
  • accelerates the degradation of soil-borne plant protection products,
  • stimulates the production of humic acids in the soil.




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