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Application of Remediant on the Royal Baths in Warsaw

Our works together with the Royal Baths in Warsaw have been going on for four years now. All water bodies within the park are treated with Remediant every year.

This year the spring application took place in May and the following autumn application is scheduled for either end of September or the beginning of October depending on the weather conditions.

Spring application helps to correctly direct the biological processes which happen within the water after the winter season and the water ‘reawakens to life’. The autumn’s application allows for reduction of negative results of   excessive organic matter within the water tank. The organic matter originates from sources such as dying plants and leafs falling straight in the water.

The above processes are a regular occurrence in the Royal Baths as a result of all the trees and plants within the park. Decomposing leafs and plant particles cause excessive fertilisation within water which results in unpleasant smells, low levels of water clarity and specific discoloration all of which worsen the living conditions of aquatics inhabiting the water bodies.

Remediant allows achieving the desired biological equilibrium. After a few years of application in the Royal Baths we have eliminated the unpleasant smells in and around the water tanks, further more the bottom sediment stricter has improved dramatically and the general water quality improved.

This project will continue in the upcoming years.



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