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Excellent effects of using Remediant in the Warsaw ZOO

At the beginning of July the first application of Remediant took place in the Warsaw zoo, the bio-preparation was used on a few water bodies around the zoo.

It is worth remembering that the water bodies treated with Remediant were located by enclosures of animals like monkeys, chimpanzees, bears, lemurs and the biggest fountain in the zoo

A few weeks after the initial applications we revisited the zoo to examine the results.

Without a doubt for Remediant to be a 100% effective there are certain factors which need to be met. In case of the zoo the negative factors were small sizes and shallowness of the water bodies as a result of which the water is more likely to heat up and that leads to algae growth. Another detrimental factor is lack of motion in water.

The weather also had its effect. July saw quite heavy rainfalls which caused the water tanks to fill up with detrimental biogenics.

Despite all those factors the positive effects of Remediant were still visible in the water.

Below you can see a collection of photographs taken by the lemur enclosure. The water tank is shallow, irregularly shaped and has a concrete bottom as a result of which it’s prone to heating up the water. In addition swans visit and swim in the water tank further polluting it. The food leftover by animals also ends up in the water tank.

The photographs have been taken from the observation bridge.

Photographs from the top have been taken on the day of application. It can be easily noticed that there is an intensive algae blooming on the base and surface of the water tank. The water is also quite obscured.

Middle photograph shows the water three days after the application. It can also be seen that there is a significantly reduced presence of algae and the water clarity improved.

Bottom photographs present the state of the water three weeks after application. Bacteria contained in the product actively working with nitrogen and phosphor in the water led to significant reduction in algae. The water maintained a high level of clarity which cannot be seen well in the photographs due to the weather conditions on the day.



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